2015 China Methanol Industry Conference

CNFIAThe China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association (CNFIA) will hold its annual China Methanol Industry Conference on May 19-21 at the Telecom Hotel in Kunming.  MI is a sponsor of the conference, which expects to attract 150-200 Chinese and international business executives and government officials.

The conference will focus on the latest development and application of coal gasification technology, methanol production technology, equipment, catalysts, and water treatment.  CNFIA will also publish its 2014 methanol industry statistical data, analyze the performance of the Chinese methanol industry in 2014 and forecasted 2015 market trends.

Chris Chatterton, MI’s Chief Operating Officer, and Jason Chesko, Senior Manager for Global Market Development at MI member company Methanex and Chairman of MI’s Global Fuel Blending Committee (GFBC) will be among the featured speakers at the conference, which will also include presentations by PetroChina, China Shenhua Energy Company, and other leading methanol industry stakeholders.

Chris and Kai Zhao, MI’s China Chief Representative, will also have meetings with senior government officials and stakeholders around the conference in Hong Kong and China (Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan) between May 12-22.

To learn more about the CNFIA conference and/or to register, please go here


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