GreenPilot Event to be held June 15-16, Gothenburg, Sweden


The GreenPilot Project, in which MI is a partner, started on March 1 of this year with the goal of converting a Swedish Pilot Boat to methanol operation.

On 15-16 June, ScandiNAOS will host a seminar in Gothenburg presenting the GreenPilot project and also providing a status update on the development and introduction of methanol as a marine fuel.

Presenters will include MI CEO Greg Dolan, ScandiNAOS, Toni Stojcevski of Wartsila, Chalmers University of Technology, Lund Technical University, an update on the SUMMETH(Sustainable Marine Methanol) Project, and more.

The event will be held at restaurant and conference facilities adjacent to the ScandiNAOS offices at Klippan, Goteborg and a fee of €150 will be charged to non-project partners. The fee includes lunches both days and dinner on the 15th.

You can register for the event HERE.  Lodging is available HERE.


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