M15: Gasoline Methanol Blend Sample Safety Data Sheet

This “Sample Safety Data Sheet” (SSDS) provides information for M15: Gasoline Methanol Blend – the blending of

gasoline (petrol) with approximately 15 volume percent methanol (M15) along with co-solvents and corrosion

inhibitors. The Methanol Institute is not a supplier of M15 and has prepared this sample document to provide

information to suppliers commercializing M15 to support safe and environmentally sound practices for the handling

of M15 and methanol throughout the global distribution chain. Since the majority of the M15 blended product is

gasoline, all the hazards associated with gasoline are also attributed to the M15 blended product. It is possible that

over time a mixture may be created that deviates from the composition and ratio as listed herein on the SSDS. In

such case, the information presented is no longer valid and expert analysis should once again be performed to

ascertain applicable hazards.


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