Methanol Fueled Stena Germanica Completes Fire Safety Assessments

stena-germanica-3-dd702f10-78a4-4c5d-8700-9db2b349a05aThe world’s first ship to run on methanol will soon sail international waters after the fire risk assessment by SP Fire Research was approved. Methanol has long been handled with traditional fire protection in cargo pump-rooms on tankers, but a deeper understanding of the fuel called for a new approach to design fire safety.

The fire risk assessment, based on SOLAS regulation 17 “Alternative design and arrangements, was conducted as part of the conversion project involving Stena, classification society Lloyd’s Register, Wärtsilä and ship designer ScandiNaos.

The vessel’s new fire safety design was approved by the Swedish flag last month, with fire protection installations commencing at the end of the month. According to SP, Stena believes that by managing each introduced fire hazard, safety has been not only maintained but improved during the conversion for methanol.

“The findings in this project and planed future research will facilitate for safer conversions to alternative and more environmentally friendly ship fuels,” said Franz Evegren, fire researcher, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Stena opted to convert Germanica to methanol in order to meet emission requirements in the Baltic Sea and avoid exhaust treatment. The fuel is easier to transport and handle than LNG as it is liquid at room temperature.   More information can be found here


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