Methanol Fueling Station Standards and Safe Handling in China

MIIT Methanol Pilot Symposium

MI member company Methanex is also playing an important role in supporting the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s (MIIT) Methanol Vehicle Pilot Project.

Beginning in 2015, Methanex supported MIIT’s Pilot by joining forces with the China Association of Alcohol & Clean Ether Fuels and Automobiles (CAAEFA), to develop guidelines for the Construction, Design, and Operation of Methanol Fuel Filling Stations in China.  The guidelines were completed in October 2015 and cover fuel filling station design, construction, operation and management. The important work of developing these guidelines is reinforcing the safe usage of methanol fuels in China and globally. The Chinese language versions of the documents are available on the MIIT website HERE.   English language translations are available on the MethanolFuels website HERE, and HERE.

In addition to working with CAAEFA & MIIT to develop the Methanol Fuel Filling Station Guidelines in 2015, Methanex is this year co-hosting a series of Responsible Care seminars to support health and safety for high-level methanol fuels in MIIT’s Pilot.  The first seminar in the series is scheduled to take place on 6 July in Jinzhong, Shanxi Province.


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