Methanol-Fuelled Stove to take the Soot Out of Indian Kitchens

Project Gaia

PUNE: Behind the veneer of India gearing up to build smart cities, lies a sooty truth of indoor pollution.

According to experts, nearly 40 crore people are exposed to indoor pollution in India as two-thirds of the households here still use solid fuel such as wood and charcoal for cooking. And that’s not all. Being the third largest consumer of coal, India is also the third highest producer of black carbon emissions in the world, experts added.

So what should be done to bring down this carbon emission from Indian households. Ask the experts and comes the prompt reply. “To economise and utilise more efficient solutions, the use of methanol should be encouraged over fossil fuel in domestics as well as industry set-ups,” they said.

“Methanol produces no smoke or soot when burnt and reduces health damage which ordinary cooking stoves can cause. It can also eliminate the dependence on petroleum products and natural gas,” said Harry Stokes of US-based non-profit Project Gaia, while presenting a Methanol-fuelled stove on Friday. He was speaking at a lecture series on ‘Methanol Economy for India’ in the city.

“India is the third highest emitter of black carbon in the world. Around 40% of this black carbon is produced in Indian homes due to cooking using solid fuel. Nearly 400 million (40 crore) people are exposed to indoor pollution here as two-thirds of the households in India still use solid fuel such as wood and charcoal for cooking,” he added. ┬áMore information is available HERE.


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