Methanol Institute Appointed as Member of the European Sustainability Shipping Forum


MI has received confirmation from the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) of the European Commission that its application to participate in the European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF) has been accepted, where it will be represented by EU Chief Representative Eelco Dekker.

The ESSF provides a platform for structural dialogue, exchange of technical knowledge, cooperation, and coordination amongst relevant maritime industries’ stakholders and the Commission and its services to better address the environmental sustainability challenges confronting the EU maritime transport sector.¬†As a member of the ESSF, MI and its member companies will now have a direct voice with the European Commission’s primary resource for evaluating policy decisions that impact Europe’s shipping industry.

The ESSF operates with the following structure: a Stakeholder Plenary, a Secretariat, and several non-permanent technical Expert Sub-Groups (SGs) as deemed necessary to support the Commission to advance the implementation of the Sustainable Waterborne Transport Toolbox (SEC(2011)1052 of 16 September 2011).

All expert sub-groups work on the basis of Terms of Reference (ToR) proposed by the Commission and validated by the Plenary. Those are internal rules subject to changes by the ESSF Plenary. The Commission chairs the ESSF and its SGs. As a rule, the ESSF Plenary is convened two times per year. The expert sub-groups meet at least two times per year. They keep the technical secretariat informed about the progress of their work.The groups shall be disbanded as soon as its mandate is fulfilled, which will be decided by the ESSF Plenary. The Commission Decision C(2013)5984 of 24 September 2013 was amended by the Commission Decision C(2015)9741 adopted on 7 January 2016. It extended the duration of the mandate for the ESSF by the end of June 2018.


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