MethaShip Project Launched to Study Methanol Fueled Ships

Metha ShipA new project involving Lloyd’s Register (LR), German shipyard Meyer Werft and German shipbuilder FlensburgerFlensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) and funded by the German government will assess the feasibility of building new methanol-powered vessels.


Two designs, one for a cruise ship, and one for a ro-pax ferry will be developed during the three year project.


LR’s Project Manager, Dirk Schroeder said “I believe methanol has great potential as a fuel for ships.  While LNG has been widely promoted as the fuel-efficient alternative for shipowners and operators seeking low-emission alternatives to heavy fuel oil (HFO), recent research into methanol-as-a-fuel has revealed a number of benefits.  The design of ships’ operating systems for using methanol as a fuel is similar to existing fuel systems.”
The project will also focus on bunkering.  “We will study options for bunkering methanol and canvass port authorities’ attitudes to the fuel to help identify weaknesses in the logistics chain” said Schroeder.  More information can be found on page 21 of LR’s Horizons magazine here.


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