MI Attends First Plenary Meeting of the Extended European Sustainable Shipping Forum


Following its nomination as a member to the European Sustainable Shipping Forum, MI’s EU Chief Representative Eelco Dekker attended the plenary meeting in Brussels this week.

The ESSF is chaired by DG MOVE and consists of experts from 30 organisations, 28 member states and observers. The experts provide technical advice and expertise to the commission with regard to the implementation of the Sulphur Directive, but cannot take any binding decisions.

The scope of the ESSF has been broadened to also take into consideration other emissions like NOx, particulate matter and black carbon. The work package is divided across different sub-groups (e.g. LNG, exhaust gas cleaning systems, finance, competition, and others) which meet several times per year.

MI has initiated talks with various member states, NGO’s and shipowners to consider the option of an additional sub-group for alternative fuels (methanol, DME, ethanol, and others), and has received predominantly positive feedback.


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