MI Engages Kai Zhou and Peking University as Chief China Representative

Dolan at CPCIFThis week, MI CEO Greg Dolan and COO Chris Chatterton visited Beijing for a series of stakeholder engagement meetings.

Today, MI signed a contract with Peking University’s Center for Global New Energy Strategy Studies to engage Kai Zhao, CGNESS Academic Board Office Director as MI’s China Chief Representative.  Kai will be replacing Patrick Zhao who resigned from the retained position last month to pursue other opportunities.  Peking University is widely known as the “Harvard of China,” and CGNESS provides key policy leadership for the advancement of methanol energy applications across the country.  Kai presented last year at MI’s Washington Methanol Policy Forum and QAFAC’s Middle East Methanol Forum in Doha.

Greg Dolan presented on Wednesday at the China Petrochemical and Chemical Industry Federation’s Petrochemical Industry Development Conference on “Public Policy: Driving Global Methanol Fuel Developments.”  Greg and Chris meet with key officials from the China Alcohol and Clean Ether Fuel and Automobile Association and China Nitrogen Fertilizer Association.  They also met with China representatives from member companies Methanex and BP Chemicals.  Today, Greg and Chris, along with Kai Zhao meet with Dr. WANG Wenyuan, Division Director of the National Methanol-Fueled Vehicle Leading Office of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and representatives from the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association to discuss China’s methanol vehicle pilot program and opportunities for joint research efforts with MI and its member companies.


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