MI Joins the Consumer Energy Alliance

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Houston, Texas – MI has joined the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA).

CEA is the voice of the energy consumer and provides consumers with sound, unbiased information on U.S. and global energy issues. CEA affiliates comprise a range of sectors from the energy industry, academia, small businesses, conservation groups and travel-related industries.

MI’s Greg Dolan noted “Methanol is employed around the globe in a number of innovative applications to meet our growing demands for energy. Methanol is a clean energy option that can be produced from natural gas, coal and a number of renewable resources including biomass and CO2.” “MI is pleased to join CEA and to have this opportunity to highlight methanol’s advantages as an emerging energy resource.”

“CEA is pleased to have the Methanol Institute as its newest member,” said CEA Chief Operating Officer Andrew Browning. “The resurgence in North American methanol production well illustrates the link between our manufacturing renaissance and newly realized shale gas production. With CEA’s ‘all-of-the-above’ energy approach, we look forward to working with MI and its member companies to educate the public on methanol’s energy potential as well as its importance to key sectors of our economy.” The full press release welcoming MI is available on CEA’s website here.


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