MI-LIAM Community Education Presentation at IMPCA Asia 2014

LIAM SingaporeSingapore – The 17th IMPCA Asian Methanol Conference 2014 was held this Tuesday-Thursday at The Regent Hotel Singapore.

This year’s conference, under the theme, “China Driving Global Growth of Methanol,” attracted 140 participants from methanol producers, consumers, and affiliated technology companies from around the globe.  Much of the conference’s focus was on China’s increasing importance as a methanol hub for areas ranging from fuel blending and dimethyl ether (DME) production to methanol-to-olefins (MTO) and coal-to-methanol applications.

Paul Moschell, President of MI member Atlantic Methanol Production Companies (AMPCO), MI Board member, and Chairman of the Institute’s Product Stewardship Committee, and Lhani & Tim Davies, founders of the LIAM Charitable Fund, gave an excellent, moving presentation about alcohol poisoning incidents globally and in Indonesia, the death of the Davies’ son Liam in January 2013, and how MI and LIAM have worked closely on the Community Education Program in Bali.

MI filmed the video presentation, and will make it available via the Institute’s social media resources in the coming weeks.


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