MI-LIAM Lifesaving Initiatives at Bali International Airport

LIAM AIRPORT IMAGEDenpasar, Bali – The MI-LIAM Charitable Fund Community Education Program (CEP) just achieved significant public awareness at the Denpasar (Bali) International Airport.  LIAM staff in Bali were able to secure permission from local airport and health authorities to display bilingual banners in the Arrivals Hall of Denpasar Airport, just in front of the airport’s medical clinic.

The banners advise visitors and locals returning to Bali about the dangers of consuming adulterated alcoholic beverages, how to identify symptoms of suspected methanol poisoning, and where to seek treatment.

MI and LIAM view this as a significant win that will help to foster greater awareness of adulterated beverages and to better enable visitors and locals in Bali to protect their health. MI recently secured a speaking opportunity for The LIAM Foundation at the upcoming Enmore (CBI) 10th International MeOH Week 2015 in Bali on June 4-5.  Lhani & Tim Davies and local LIAM staff will present on the work they have been doing, similarly to the presentation which Lhani and Tim gave at the IMPCA Singapore conference in November.

Dom LaVigne from MI’s Singapore office commented, “Given the tremendous work being done in Bali under the MI-LIAM CEP, we felt it was very important and timely to have discussions on consumption of methanol and related health effects included at the conference, and also as a way to inform delegates to make smart choices if they choose to consume alcoholic beverages while staying in Bali.”


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