MI Presents at Gastech Singapore 2015

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Singapore – On Wednesday, Dom LaVigne from MI’s Singapore office presented on methanol’s use in land transport and marine fuel applications globally.

Gastech, now in its 43rd year and seen as the world’s leading natural gas/LNG conference and exhibition, primarily featured presentations on the use of LNG in energy applications globally. Dom lobbied the organizer on the important role of methanol, and secured a speaking slot for the only methanol industry presentation in an all-LNG series of presentations on vehicle and marine fuels at the conference’s Centers of Technical Excellence (CoTE).

While many markets like Singapore are keen to use LNG in various energy applications, several prominent speakers noted the difficulty with LNG adoption due to high infrastructure development costs, the need for highly-specialized training of industry workers, and the looming slowdown in the global petrochemical industry.

Gastech will next take place in Tokyo on April 4-7, 2017.


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