Ningxia Province Releases Local M15 and M30 Methanol Gasoline Standards

ningxia provinceNingxia, China – On Wednesday, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Ningxia Autonomous Region (Province) in China released local standards that had been developed for M15 methanol gasoline for vehicles (DB64 / T1017-2014) and M30 methanol gasoline for vehicle (DB64 / T1018-2014). M15 fuels are comprised of 15% methanol and 85% gasoline blends, and M30 similarly contains 30% methanol and 70% gasoline.  The two local standards were jointly drafted by the Ningxia Quality Supervision Institute and Boata Petrochemical, a local petrochemical company.

Ningxia’s announcement follows similar initiatives by Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Guizhou provinces, as well as by Shanghai.  In total, 27 Chinese provinces are engaged in methanol standards work and/or development of methanol fuel blends.  Ningxia is keen to promote methanol fuel developments due to the favorable, long-term economics and improved environmental emissions quality.  More information can be found here.


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