OK Looks to Methanol to Fuel Denmark’s Future

OK CarOK, one of Denmark’s leading fuel distributors and the operator of 670 of the country’s 2,000 petrol filling stations, is to build a number of methanol filling stations in the country to support the demonstration of methanol-electric QBEAK vehicles.

The Danish government has stated that it wishes to phase out fossil fuels by 2050. As a major distributor of fossil fuels OK is keen to support a cleaner fuelling solution that can utilise its existing network of stations – methanol distribution allows for modification of existing liquid fuelling systems rather than the complete replacement or supplementation that is necessitated by gaseous hydrogen.

OK is looking towards biomethanol as a fossil-free liquid fuel and the company was a member of the EcoMotion methanol electric vehicle project that resulted in a novel fuel cell powered gardening truck. OK will build a methanol filling station based on a conventional station in cooperation with HAMAG, a station manufacturer, and Serenergy, the manufacturer of the fuel cells used inside Ecomove’s QBEAK vehicles.

“It is important the established fuel distributors will drive the implementation of infrastructure for the Automotive Methanol fuel cell track, this will allow for a rolling replacement of existing infrastructure with low investment costs for society,” said Mads Friis Jensen, Commercial Manager Serenergy.

The new project group, which includes OK, Ecomove and Serenergy, has received declarations of intent for a methanol filling station and several QBEAK vehicles from the municipalities of Aarhus, Horsens and Mariagerfjord.

The QBEAK features an electric motor at each wheel and a sandwich floor design that allows for the interchanging of power modules. When equipped with Serenergy’s HT-PEMFC module and fuelled with methanol, the vehicle has a range of 800 km. ┬áMore information can be found here


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