Learn more about exciting demonstration projects using methanol as a vehicle fuel from around the world.


Methanol CarChina currently leads the world in methanol fuel blending.  Last year, China used as much as 12 million metric tons (4 billion gallons) of methanol to fuel their cars trucks and buses.  Methanol now makes up some 8% of China’s fuel pool.  In more than a dozen provinces, blends such as M15 (15% methanol and 85% gasoline) are sold as 95 and 97 octane fuels for use in existing passenger cars, and Chinese motorists have driven more than 200 million miles in methanol fueled cars.

China’s central government considers methanol a strategic transportation fuel and has launched a demonstration of light-and heavy-duty vehicles running on M85 (85% methanol and 15% gasoline) and M100 (100% methanol) in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, as

well as in the city of Shanghai.  These valuable demonstration programs will lead to the development of national standards for methanol-fueled vehicles.


Fueling-up-with-M15-in-IsraelIn November, 2013, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a demonstration of M15 vehicles and hosted a fuel choices summit in Tel Aviv to focus attention on the potential for methanol based fuels in Israel.


Coogee GEM Fueled CarIn Australia, the federal government does not tax methanol fuels, and Methanol Institute member company Coogee Energy is demonstrating the use of gasoline, ethanol and methanol (GEM) fuels in passenger cars.


RS3_9854For the second year in a row, the Methanol Institute will sponsor the use of GEM fuels in cars participating in the Junior World Rally Championship which holds races across Europe.