GEM LogoGEM Fuel: a blended sustainable  fuel containing gasoline, bio-ethanol and bio-methanol, a very favourable CO2 footprint and excellent performance

GEM Fuel is the next generation sustainable fuel. GEM Fuel is a ternary blend fuel containing three components: gasoline, bio-ethanol and bio-methanol making a high performing race fuel with a very sustainable profile.

It sports some highly desirable characteristics; high engine efficiency and power output, an increased biomass limit and high CO2 reduction from (ISCC Certified) sustainable feedstock. All this makes GEM Fuel a truly smart advanced biofuel.

The development of this unique fuel is the result of a partnership between BioMCN, Abengoa, Methanex, Eurol and the Methanol Institute initiated and managed by GUTTS, the world’s first supplier of sustainable race fuels.

GEM Fuel is being used as the fuel of choice by an increasing number of race and rally series across Europe and the world.



GEM Fuel article Racecar Engineering March 2015 – An article on GEM fuels from Racecar Engineering Magazine

Vehicle Emissions from Gem Blends