In Europe, the Methanol Institute’s support for the Junior World Rally Championship is demonstrating the viability of gasoline, ethanol, methanol (GEM) fuel. ¬†Other key public policy goals in Europe include promoting the use of renewable methanol fuels under the EU Renewable Energy Directive, and maintaining and increasing the current 3% allowance for methanol under the EU Fuel Quality Directive.

In 2015, MI held the first European Methanol Policy Forum where key policy officers and industry experts held discussions regarding methanol as a low carbon “shift” fuel. For more detailed information, click on the presentations below:

Methanol as an Engine Fuel – Prof. Sebastian Verhelst, Associate professor of Internal Combustion Engines, Ghent University.

Back to the Future: Lessons from California’s 1990s Methanol Program and Renewed Interest for Petroleum Reduction Goals – Paul Wuebben, Senior Director, Renewable Fuels, Carbon Recycling International (CRI)

GEM Fuels Development – Prof. Jamie Turner, Engines & Energy Systems, University of Bath

GEM Fuels in Motorsport – Marc De Jong, Principal, FIA WRC Academy

Methanol Fuel Cells – Mads Friis Jensen, Commercial Group Manager, SerEnergy

Low Carbon Transport Policy Post 2020 – Antonio Tricas Aizpun, Policy Officer, Unit for Clean Transport & Sustainable Urban Mobility, Directorate C, DG MOVE, European Commission


The use of low carbon methanol as a fuel is not limited to road transportation. It is a viable alternative to LNG in marine, and enables the use of fuel cell range extenders, and the production of clean energy in remote areas. More information can be found in the following presentations:

Methanol as an Alternative Marine Fuel – Prof. Karin Andersson, Maritime Environment and Energy Systems, Department of Shipping and Marine Technology, Chalmers University of Technology

Stena Teknik: Strategic View – Per Stefenson, MSc Naval Architect, Marine Standards Advisor, Stena Teknik

Legislation and Safety – Kim Tanneberger, Lead Specialist, Strategic Research & Technology Policy Group, Lloyds Register

Engine Development and Power GenerationToni Stojcevski, Project Manager, Methanol Adaption Project, Wartsilla