PUMP the Movie Now Available on Netflix

PUMP NetflixMI Member Fuel Freedom Foundation’s documentary PUMP is available now on Netflix. If you’re a Netflix subscriber and haven’t seen the film yet, now you can do so for free.

PUMP tells the story of America’s oil addiction, and points the way to a cleaner, domestically-produced, and more-affordable fuel future.
Additionally, MI will be sending out a DVD copy of PUMP to each of our member companies, along with copies of our newly printed 2015 edition of Methanol Milestones.

This year’s Milestones features stories on our collaboration with the L.I.A.M Charitable Foundation to save lives and prevent bootleg alcohol poisoning in Indonesia, methanol as the marine fuel of choice of the future, the resurgence of the domestic methanol industry in the United States, Carbon dioxide recovery technology and more.  The electronic version of Milestones can be downloaded and shared here.


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