SINOPEC Begins operation of its first M100 filling station in Guiyang

Guiyang M100 StationOn the 4th of July, a filling station owned by the Sinopec Guiyang Oil Product Company began to pump M100 methanol fuel, marking a breakthrough for M100 in the Guiyang market.

To control air pollution in Guiyang, the municipal government has begun to promote M100.

The new Nanming Lengku filling station is the first filling station to provide M100 fuel to the 100 methanol taxis of Guiyang Jideshi Taxi Company.

Leaders of Sinopec Guiyang Oil Product Company have inspected the equipment of the filling station, including methanol tanks and fuel pumps and have set rigorous requirements on the station’s safety management.

Since it commenced operations in July, the station has been providing 2,600 liters of M100 for 80 methanol taxis every day. SINOPEC is planning to open 4 additional M100 stations in Guiyang in 2015.  More information can be found here.


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