Stena Germanica to Run on Methanol

Stena LineGoeteborg, Sweden:  Swedish ferry company Stena Line, which is one of the world’s largest ferry companies, announced on Wednesday that it would covert the Stena Germanica to run on methanol propulsion.  The 240 meter (792 foot) long, 1,500-passenger ship will be converted to run on methanol at the Remontova Shipyard in Poland starting in January.

The process, which will take six weeks to complete, will cost Euro 22 million (USD 27.6 million).  It is being financially supported by the European Union (EU)’s “Motorways of the Seas” initiative.  The project is also being done in cooperation with engine manufacturer Wärtsilä, the port of Gothenburg, the port of Kiel, and MI member Methanex Corporation.

Stena Germanica will be converted at Remontova Shipyard in Poland starting January 2015; the process is expected to take six weeks and is financially supported by the EU “Motorways of the Seas” initiative. Total project cost is about Euro 22 million.

From early 2015, vessels in the area around the Baltic and North Sea, known as the “Sulphur Emissions Control Area” (SECA) will need to use fuel with a low sulphur content of 0.1%; by 2020, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will require all ships operating in other areas globally to reduce sulphur (SOx) emissions to 0.5%.  In addition to changing to low-sulphur oils, Stena Line is evaluating methanol and other alternative fuels and techniques for emissions reduction.  It is estimated that by using methanol in marine fuels, SOx emissions will be reduced by 99$%, nitrogen (NOx) by 60%, particles (PM) by 95%, and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 25%, as compared to emissions from today’s bunker and marine fuels.

MI led a delegation of members to Trieste, Italy in June to meet with Wartsila and Stena.  While there, they discussed the joint project, the future of marine fuels in Europe, and had an opportunity to observe the first test running of a Stena engine retrofitted to run on methanol.  Toni Stojcevski, Wärtsilä’s Project Manager on the Stena program, will speak further about marine fuel technologies and the work Wärtsilä and Stena are doing during the QAFAC Middle East Methanol Forum (MEMF), which will be held next Wednesday, November 26 in Doha, Qatar.  A video on this technology can also be viewed at  More information can be found here.


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