Updates on China’s Methanol Fuel and Vehicle Development Programs

chinaTEDA, Tianjin, China – Last week, MI reported in Methanol Matters about the successful results of China’s Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) two-year pilot program on methanol-fueled vehicle development in Eastern Shanghai, Shanxi and Shaanxi Provinces.  Mr. Ma Liang, Secretary General of the China Association of Alcohol & Ether Clean Fuel and Automobiles (CAAEFA) and other speakers at the 2014 China Petroleum and Chemical International Conference in Tianjin shared further details on the status of China’s methanol industry and how the MIIT Pilot Program is being expanded.
In addition to the national M15 standard which is still being drafted, China currently has two other national standards also under study:  Methods of Determining the Methanol Content in Methanol Gasoline for Motor Vehicles, and Methanol Gasoline Additive for Motor Vehicles.  MI staff will seek to get more information on these standards for the membership.

To date, 15 Chinese provinces and cities have issued and implemented 29 local standards for methanol fuel.  China’s total methanol consumption in fuels was 11 million metric tons (MMT) in 2013; this included 4.6 MMT used for automobiles/vehicles, and seven MMT for dimethyl ether (DME) used in industrial fuels. 160,000 vehicles nationwide have been modified already to run on methanol fuel blends.
MIIT plans to expand its pilot program from 435 vehicles in 2012-2014 to an additional 1,800 vehicles in 11 cities in Guizhou and Gansu provinces in the coming years.  During the 2012-2014 pilot program, five automakers (Geely, Shaanxi Tongjia, Shanxi Victory, Zhengzhou Yutong and Shangxi Auto) released five categories of auto products, including M100 cars, M100 micro vans, M100 van trucks, M100 public buses, and methanol/diesel heavy trucks. So far, 286 of 435 methanol vehicles produced have been put into circulation, including: 168 taxis, 98 inter-city coaches, 15 light van trucks, and five dual-fuel trucks.


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