Vote for Methanol in the Marine Propulsion Awards!

The annual Marine Propulsion and Auxiliary Machine Awards recognize those in the marine industry who best address the operational challenges facing ship operators today.  Voting for the awards is open to the public through March 31. Marine Propulsion

MI member company Methanex’s wholly owned subsidiary Waterfront Shipping has been shortlisted in the “Shipowner Efficiency Award” category for new build ships it has commissioned that will be built with MAN ME-LGI flex engines running on methanol, fuel oil, marine diesel oil, or gas oil. Waterfront Shipping’s new ships will showcase methanol-based fuel as a promising alternative that reduces emissions and fuel costs.  Vote for Waterfront Shipping here.

Additionally, MAN Diesel & Turbo is nominated in the “Marine Engines Award” category for the ME-LGI (Liquid Gas Injection) engines which will power the Waterfront Shipping vessels.  The ME-LGI enables the use of fuels such as methanol. A Booster Fuel Injection Valve uses 300 bar hydraulic power to raise the fuel pressure to injection pressure.   The LGI engine can handle low-flash-point, low-sulphur fuels, with emissions of sulphur being almost completely eliminated.  Vote for MAN here.


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